In 2010, my brother Jeff and I packed up our lives and moved sight unseen to Sitka, Alaska from our hometown of Chicago to start a business with our oldest brother, Jamie. Jamie was a pilot in the USCG, flying H60 search and rescue helicopters, and I was a paramedic in Chicago—but it was time for a change—and it’s been an adventure of a life ever since. As a family, we ran a bar, restaurant, and live music venue together for five years, and enjoyed the humbling beauty and great outdoors that SE Alaska had to offer.

Alaska also provided me the opportunity to meet the love of my life, Shannon. In 2016, after selling our business, Shannon and I landed in Missoula where she would start a barber shop and I would take over the GM position of a bar and restaurant. Missoula welcomed us with open arms, and very quickly we found ourselves entrenched in a community we swiftly fell in love with.

In 2021 we purchased a home together with the help of Montana Family Mortgage. The experience opened my eyes to the powerful potential a career in mortgage lending could provide in fulfilling my continual pursuit of community involvement and service. I have worked hard in EMS and the service industry my entire life—now it’s time to help build the community by getting my community members into homes.

I can’t think of anything more personally rewarding than helping you obtain a home to build a life in, and my promise to you is that you will have my unwavering dedicated effort to achieve that goal. I am here with you, and I will be here with you from our first conversation, all the way to our farewell when the keys to your new home are in your hand. So, call me today! And if you see me on the ice at Glacier, come say hi!